Architectural Railing Systems

Pre-Engineered Railing Systems

Architectural Railing Systems lend strength and beauty where the safety of a guardrail is necessary, and a beautiful aesthetic is preferred. Our railing systems are used in a variety of public spaces, such as sports arenas, convention centers, hospitals, high-rise hotels and apartments, and many more. Applied to grand staircases, balconies and overlooks, our architectural railings offer superior performance in a variety of styles.

All of our architectural railing systems are pre-engineered. We offer standard railing designs with options to accommodate your project including: styles ranging from classic and elegant wood top rail combined with sleek stainless components and glass infill, to modern and minimalist stainless cable and rod infill choices.

No Need to Compromise

In today’s market, architects are often limited in design options for commercial railing systems. Our pre-engineered, customized railing systems are made to assist architects in achieving their designs by providing them with innovative railing solutions. These systems give property owners the beauty and functionality they deserve, while ensuring safety is top-priority. With our customizable systems, architects are no longer limited and can design a structure without the need to compromise.

As a national leader in engineering and manufacturing decorative railing systems for commercial building applications, we understand the need for distinguishing, unique designs to keep up with the desire for sophisticated, modern railings and the need for function and safety. With our customizable features for pre-engineered railing systems, design effortlessly meets function.

Who We Are

With more than three decades of product experience, Trex Commercial Products has supplied railing for some of the largest projects in the country. Our extensive experience enables us to utilize the tools and knowledge needed to provide exceptional customer service and unmatched results. Our role is more than just a fabricator of a designer’s concepts. It’s about becoming a meaningful partner, being involved early on in the project, and taking responsibility for all facets of a project.

When you work with Trex Commercial Products, you’ll know you’re getting a greater ROI. We work with your budget constraints and production demands, and our pre-engineered systems allow work to be accomplished quicker at the job site. Our commercial product systems include setup drawings, a detailed installation guide, and all the required hardware and adhesives—translating to a more efficient installation process, yielding time and labor savings.

Innovative, Honest, and Dedicated to Your Railing Solution Needs

From concept to completion, our architectural railing systems elevate the abilities for all people to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences. Since 1990, Trex Commercial Products has been building an industry-leading reputation for quality and customer service. To learn more about how we can enhance your project, contact us today.