Decorative railings and ornamental metals have continued to evolve with today’s professional and collegiate sports venues, enhancing their accessibility, safety and the overall fan experience, while also complementing each facility’s unique design and architecture. By collaborating with architects, general contractors and facility owners from the pre-construction and budgeting stages to completion of the final project, Trex Commercial Products has become a leader in providing customized railing systems such as, glass railing, perforated railing, metal railing and cable railing for arenas, ballparks and stadiums across the country.

Sports Venue Railing

Sporting event venues often hold some of the most energetic events. From football games to concerts, there are often large crowds, cheering and a lot of movement. So, it’s important that sporting event venues have high-quality, dependable railing systems in order to ensure the safety of staff, players, and event attendees. Custom railings are an excellent option to provide the desired environment for a venue while maintaining the safety of people in the facility.

Standing Rail Systems

The Standing Rail system creates space for people to stand during their event, whether it’s for a concert, soccer match, or football game. It utilizes a metal frame with a top rail, as well as a bottom kick rail. The Standing Rail system is quite versatile and able to be configured to accommodate a drink rail for a more social, spaced out gathering area. This can be a great option to place in a dedicated fan and group section. Our Standing Rail system is sure to fit your desired design, enhancing the overall experience for everyone.

Seating Rail Systems

For sports venues in need of seating, along with standing options, then our Seating Rail system deserves to be your first-round pick. This system gives fans the flexibility to stand during their event, while also providing a comfortable seat. Choose from a retractable tip up seat or a fold down bench to adhere to the look of your space. It adapts to steep rakes with a unique ultra slim seating profile. The angled frame also gives fans plenty of headroom while seated and a comfortable lean rail for standing.

Custom Railing

All sports venues vary in structural need, intended design, and desired atmosphere. Custom railing systems are often the best way for stadium owners and facilities managers to achieve their project goals and achieve a modern, state-of-the-art design and structure while maintaining safety.

Benefit From Our Experience

As a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative commercial solutions, Trex Commercial Products believes our role is more than just being a fabricator of the designer’s concepts. It’s about becoming a meaningful partner from the start and one that takes responsibility for all facets of a project. When it comes to sports venues, the opportunities for sleek, sophisticated design are endless. We are able to accommodate a variety of project demands, ensuring production needs are met with precision and efficiency.

With more than three decades of commercial design experience, we have supplied custom railing for some incredible sports venues all over the country. Our experience, knowledge, and resources allow us to provide unrivaled results and top-tier customer service.

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Since 1990, Trex Commercial Products have been building an industry-leading reputation for quality and customer service, creating architectural railing systems that elevate the experience and enhance the safety for all guests. To learn more about our products, contact us today.


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