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Higher education buildings utilize railing systems more than you may realize. Whether students are gathering in the dining hall, cheering loudly from the bleachers, or racing across the quad to get to class, chances are there’s a campus railing project providing safety, guidance, and further refining an academic space.

Let’s examine some specifics of Trex Commercial Products’ qualities by exploring the benefits of campus railing.

Natural Lighting

Education is centered around learning opportunities, advancement, and establishing networks. Nothing says “connectivity” and “inclusion” quite like an open, airy gathering space on campus. What we mean is, anytime you can bring natural elements, such as lighting, into a setting, it enhances the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the space.

As an example, check out our modern, “barely there” staircases at Carnegie Mellon, or the spiral staircase at Colorado State University. Both of these higher educational settings feature natural light as a result of our decorative railing solution.


Does your higher education project have high-traffic areas? Chances are, at least somewhere, the answer is “yes.” Many academic buildings, including K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities, have more than one floor. No matter the education level, we know you value safety in your space.

Trex Commercial Products offers plenty of options when it comes to designing safe railing systems. Our sturdy, straightforward handrails at Metropolitan State University are a prime example. Custom pressure plates, mounted to a steel stinger, were engineered to accommodate the commercial railing load requirements.

This also proves that a secure railing system does not require sacrificing an airy, spacious environment. The sleek, custom glass stair railing with wooden LED handrail complements the building’s modern aesthetic, while also providing a unique collaborative feature – a built-in learning stair incorporated into the staircase.

Safety and artistic value are two concepts that can also coexist. Our Point™ Series and Track Rail™ systems at Princeton University aren’t just functional; they’re also aesthetically pleasing. The minimalist design of the Point Series eliminates the need for vertical balusters, allowing for openness and clean sightlines within the modern building.


Let’s now expand on aesthetic advantages with its own spotlight. Decorative railing can add to the space’s “wow” factor in a surprisingly minimalist way by bringing a safe system with a sophisticated look that makes the space the head of its class. The glass railing system at Texas A&M University is a prime example. It features Track Rail paired with a striking arctic blue glass stairwell that together captures the vibrant, prestigious feel that higher education facilities strive for.

Handicap Accessibility

Trex Commercial Products’ entire product line is all about inclusivity. Our goal is to elevate all people’s abilities to safely access and enjoy amazing life experiences. The “access” element is key, and that’s one of the reasons we’re committed to developing railing systems that accommodate all. We encourage you to connect with us about how to make your academic space more inclusive to all. Options include, but are not limited to, sturdier handrails, ankle rails, wheelchair ramps, and more.

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