Today’s healthcare facilities are designed to enhance care and comfort for patients, visitors, and staff, with strategic design elements to increase natural light. Features such as all-glass facades, glass railing, and exterior glass windscreens have been shown to provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing depression to increasing quality of sleep and decreasing length of stay. Trex Commercial Products offers a variety of hospital handrail solutions, along with glass windscreen systems that can address and accommodate the specific needs of healthcare spaces.

3-D Scanning

In the medical field, precision is a must. Similarly, openness to new technology is a driving force behind many advancements in the healthcare industry. That’s why we’re so passionate about introducing 3-D laser technology into our hospital commercial railing projects.

3-D scanning captures complete field details of building construction projects, providing high accuracy and a quick turnaround time. The scans decrease production costs, improve safety and reduce the likelihood of needing to adjust designs later on in the process.

You may have heard about 3-D scanning in reference to sports stadiums, but we’ve seen an increase in this technology for universities, hotels, museums, and—you guessed it—medical facilities. Check out our gorgeous spiral staircase design at the Colorado State University Health and Medical Center, and you’ll see why!

Streamlined Aesthetic

Your hospital railing design should communicate efficiency, prestige and durability to guests. And if the healthcare space is high-traffic or difficult to navigate, a tidy aesthetic can guide visitors and employees alike.

Sacred Heart University – Center for Healthcare Education is an excellent example of streamlined aesthetic in a healthcare facility. The mounted stainless-steel handrails, inlaid LED lights, and clear-tempered glass all contributed to a timeless healthcare facility railing design.


In large spaces such as hospitals, it’s crucial to design with sustainability in mind. Clear glass infills provide natural lighting, which is great for saving on an electric bill and uplifting patients’ spirits. Our work on the Lexington Medical Office Building proves that hospital railings can be warm, welcoming and sustainable all at once.

Discover Your Ideal Hospital Handrail Today

Are you ready to incorporate a new glass facade, railing, or windscreen into a hospital setting? Trex Commercial Products has crafted efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing railing systems for more than thirty years. And with 3-D scanning, we’re constantly pioneering the latest technology to bring you what you want, right down to the last detail. Contact us today to make the vision for your healthcare railing a reality!

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